Venue & Route

Plan your trip into the venue on the morning of the event. The race starts promptly at 06h00 and there is always heavy traffic into the parking areas.

Venue and Parking

The main parking for the event is at Huddle Park on Club Street. There is secondary parking within Saheti School. Please listen to the parking marshals, as they will direct you to the available parking. CLICK ON THE MAP TO ENLARGE IT.

PnP Marathon Venue 2018 - UPDATE-01

Route and Profile

The marathon is a two-lapper around Bedfordview and Edenvale, starting off with a tough first 10km featuring several inclines before the halfway mark, but it’s the downhill past Gillooly’s Farm in the last stretch that everyone looks forward to for some relief. Just don’t get carried away, because the last kilometre provides a nasty little uphill pull! CLICK ON THE MAP TO ENLARGE IT.